About Harry Lou


Your feet will thank you later, was very much in Harry's mind while creating her collection. These divinely soft slides will add a sensual pace to your destination. We believe life gets better and better if your feet feel loved. In the words of the wise Coco Chanel 'If it’s not comfortable, it’s not luxury!'. Harry Lou's were crafted for women who want to feel 'confidently original' and 'comfortably beautiful'… walk with Harry Lou and enjoy effortless style. 


Harry Lou's are handcrafted with love resonating from the heart of the brand. These Iconic slides were created to support you and help every woman step with confidence.  In this new world Harry wants us all to sprinkle some ease, luxury, and glamour into our lives. Feeling good from the ground up is your first step to happiness.


Much love to you and your happy feet!