Be Confidently Original

The Collection

Every high has a low...So you know! Whatever your preference ladies...

Handcrafted with love in Portugal by artisans with the finest leathers.

Harry Lou's are the epitome of comfort and quality!

Come walk on the clouds with us...

How the Harry Lou’s make you feel

Liliana, @limited_edition_liliana

"Because I'm wearing your pieces I feel beautiful!"

Benny, @becauseofbb

They are art! They have this super soft leader insole and it blocks your feet from moving aroun!"

Feel Fabulous with us, what are you waiting for?

Bethany, @missbethany.b

"These are litteraly like walking on the clouds, they're absolutely amazing!"

The Designer

Harry Lou's are created to give women that

'Je ne sais quoi'

Handcrafted in Portugal by artisans with the finest quality materials.

Harry Lou's are designed to bring ease and glamour on the go!

Feel confidently original and comfortably beautiful with us.



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